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The Children of the Day: born to make history

The Children of the Day: born to make history

Съдържанието на български виж ТУК.

“The Children of the Day truly have that authority invested in them: not to acknowledge the Night. This means that the clouding obscurity of the evolutionary rung has been outgrown.”

— Vaklush, Nur magazine 1/2009—

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The book “The Children of the Day – born to make History” is dedicated to the Teacher of Wisdom Vaklush Tolev as we mark the 100-th anniversary of his birth. His testaments of ideals are the connecting thread in “The Tale of the Mystery of Reality” told by Alita Ralie about the Children of the Day, transporting us naturally from the past to the future, through dreams to material reality, with the SUPER SYNERGY of Eastern and Western culture applied in the present…

In the beginning, we are going to sympathize with and learn from the clairvoyant poet of the past and his tragic likeness in the creative works of Akutagawa, Salinger, Dostoevsky, or of Botticelli, Mozart, Marlowe… and then get uplifted and inspired by the superheroes of the new era, conquering themselves and bringing joy to the world, with the examples of three contemporary Chosen Ones of Destiny: namely the Warrior with Wings: the figure-skater Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan, the White Wizard of the Light: the singer Byun Baekhyun from South Korea, and the Champion of the Planet: the innovator-ecologist Boyan Slat from the Netherlands. And there is even more…



Alita Ralie is a seeker of pearls of values amidst the manifestations of the human spirit and soul crystallised on the world scene. She finds succour and inspiration there where the human being has set off towards the pinnacles of self-realisation as a being free of the earthbound pull of gravity. When she discovers stirring examples in history or in the contemporary era of our world, she enthusiastically looks for ways to share the uplifting energy so that it may touch someone else too and in this way help them to drag their existence and consciousness out of the noose of our careworn everyday life. This book is no exception!

(Download pdf of the book for free)

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Spiritual aura and social presence

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essay/synopsis for a documentary film
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into the tale of the mystery of reality





— Akutagawa, Salinger, Dostoevsky, and Botticelli with the torments of the soul —
— Mozart and Einstein: personal perception and the suprapersonal Universe —
— Plotinus: the Human-Olympian, or the man who became a god —

Let the children come to me


YUZURU HANYU – The Warrior with Wings
Heaven and Earth in one —
— A superstar that connects the world —
— A message from the land of dreams —
— The leaders of the new time 
— Yuzuru Hanyu announces the beginning of a new era 


BYUN BAEKHYUN – The White Magician of Light and the Korean Wave
— “A heart that will not weep for the offended but will lead them to the fountain of consolation” —
EXO’s Baekhyun and his superpower Light not only in the concept of “the alien” Korean performers —
EXO, who are making history —
The New Jerusalem in music —
The Eagle, the White plane, and the New World —
— EXO, the wind, the butterfly, and the story of the Spiritual Waves —
NCT and our Dream within the Dream —
The end of yesterday’s trauma —
The absence of despair —
Pyramidal whole —
aespa and the Portal of the S(е)oul —
— A new, white era for the whole of mankind —

BOYAN SLAT – The Champion of the Planet
— “Let the children worry about these things!” 
The Grand Impossible Ocean Cleanup


of the past and the future in the present
On the notes of destiny with the story of Nelly & Ellie —
The Legend of Bak Bulgeunae (in the second half of the linked article) —
— About the narrator Ralie Alita (Alita Ralie) in person —

About the Storyteller Ralie Alita (Alita Ralie) in the first person

I like my first name: the flower Ralitsa (‘Larkspur’ of the genus ‘Delphinium’ in English). ‘The flowers are poets,’ the Teacher Vaklush often loved to say when receiving the latest bouquet. I also like my surname, Blagovestova, it’s beautiful somehow (it’s related to ‘Good news’ or ‘Glad tidings’ in English translation). However much I searched, though, I didn’t manage to find any satisfying explanation for the meaning and origin of the name Ralitsa and so one night I dreamt that I was introducing myself to someone and clarifying to them that it means:

Light in the rye in bloom;
Light in the blooming field;
Light in Paradise*

The phrases wrote themselves in the air one under the other, with the one including ‘Paradise’ apparently summarising the two above. I also remember that in relation to the last line I added out loud, by way of explanation: ‘that thing about Paradise they’ve got from us, from the Protobulgarians.’ And then I woke up. Pondering on what I’d dreamt, I ‘translated’ the expressions as ‘Light in Mind because Paradise is part of the Heavens in occult knowledge, of the Mental Plane*. (* It’s ‘Mental field’ in Bulgarian while ‘Paradise’ is ‘Rai’, pronounced as ‘rye’, which is actually part of Heaven. ‘Ra’ itself obviously stood for‘light’ in ancient times and is also in the word for ‘joy’ in Bulgarian: ‘radost’ – ‘reaching the light’.)

The name Alita, for its part, came unexpectedly and as we might have guessed, once more in a dream: in the last months of 2020. Since the main images in the dream accentuated a topic important to me, there was no way I could fail to ponder on it afterwards, trying to understand the message. When right on New Year’s Eve I was visiting friends and we decided at some point to watch a movie, our host put on ‘Battle Angel Alita’ and the memory of my dream floated up again. I presumed that the symbol that made me dream this name was included in the film. Alita is the battle angel rising up from the ruins of the past for the new battle, the battle within us, the battle for the new era metaphorically. My female friend, with whom I shared enthusiastically the fact that I’d dreamt this name recently, even supposed that it might be connected to the words of Christ: ‘Talitha, cumi!’ ‘Maiden, arise!Arise, humanity, and walk – more broadly speaking. The little girl as an image of the soul of the world, risen up for a new way of living.

The current Tale is the story of just such an inner transformation, renewing our existence now with the sight of Wisdom…


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