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NEW THANGS with KICK IT by NCT, or about the end of yesterday’s traumas


Материалът на български виж ТУК.

Prepared by: Ralie Blag
Translation: Neil Scart
The material is addition to the publication “Bright Sparks in the Aura of Bulgaria
(Download pdf of the book for free  /+ addition booklet HERE.)

The wind blows wherever it pleases.
You hear its sound, but you cannot tell
where it comes from or where it is going.
So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.
– John 3:8

I can’t decipher all the messages in the production of SM Entertainment, but when it comes to my favourite groups EXO and NCT, something continually vibrates for me and delights me on a fine, intuitive level. It may be the hidden metaphysics in which there are not frozen categories of good and evil and you have to evaluate everything for yourself, i.e. to see beyond the facts. It may also be the indisputable affirmation of a higher reality, in which the deficiencies of the current one are overcome and conquered – step by step, difficulty by difficulty, dream by dream… :) And lo and behold, after the album Obsession by EXO, gravitating around the idea of the battle within us, with our unmastered but mighty shadowy side, here we have now a softer and more optimistic version of saying farewell to our ‘I’ of yesterday and the overcoming of spiritual pains and traumas in the form of the new album Neo Zone by NCT, which leads us into the zone of realised dreams. And just what a moment it comes at too – in the heat of the world-wide reassessment of where we’re heading and what in our life is essential and important!


‘‘I think that the question is not about this virus at all. I think that the question is about the lie. I think that the question is about the coronation of egotism. We swapped the battle for superman with the battle for super-consumer. I think that by occupying ourselves with economics only, with education only, with art only, with the virus only… we are continuing to occupy ourselves with the battles and we’re losing the war. The war is the human being itself – for his true health. True health is in Love. There is no way for this war to be won without some kind of re-humanization. One fundamental guarantee of health and the meaning of this civilisation, that is the example of Jesus Christ.’’

– Maestro Yordan Kamdzhalov, in ‘Frankly speaking’ with Lyuba Kulezich, March 19, 2020

The songs Dreams Come True and Day Dream from the album won over my heart immediately in the feeling and mood of that state in which you pursue your yearning and you find inner realisation and serenity – you find Yourself, though not only inside but in the fellow one too. So dreamily beautifully are their video presentations made that it’s not even necessary to understand the lyrics in order to detect the energy of the songs. But on getting to know the translations of the lyrics too, the degree to which I was in awe rose further still, becoming even more solid and tangible!

Diametrically opposed in tonality, besides the leading Kick It, two other songs from the album appealed to me the most – namely Sit Down and Mad Dog, about which it could be said that they bear strong-willed, materialising energy. They are not merely tender dreaming, but acts of affirmation.

As regards Kick It – like a magnet it attracted me to watch all the stage performances of this song one after the other, as they poured out on the television show programmes in varied stylings and decors. Right from the beginning the music video for this song itself surprised me, against the background of the retro sense in the rest of their video clips. It was a very pleasant surprise at that, because of my favourite Eastern spirit in terms of visuals, with a black-yellow styling in honour of Bruce Lee. Apart from that, I especially liked the prelude – an addition in the live performances, which is lacking in the official music video. In the choreography they convey a gust of wind so well, in unison with the clacking of the characteristic Chinese acoustic ornamentation in such a situation, that I looked with piety and inner contentment at how much creativity they have instilled and how supremely well they have accomplished it. But even more I was impressed by the connection of Kick It with the interlude Neo Zone on the album – its mystical melody, once more as if wafted on the wind new energies, is crowned with a single clearly-whispered phrase by Johnny at the end: No more trauma… Once the line had lodged itself gradually in my consciousness, at some point it dawned on me that the same thing is sung in Kick It, in Sit Down… , but also in the song Trauma by EXO from their Love Shot album – I recalled in surprise! Then I got to thinking that even the magnificent Psycho by Red Velvet gravitates around this topic with the refrain Now we’ll be ok, It’s all right – repeated with beautiful insistence several times like a ‘mantra’.

Extract from Kick It:

After repeating the same scenes of so many days
I can just knock yesterday’s me down and shout out
To me no more trauma!

Extracts from Sit Down:

(Incidentally this song and Dreams Come True are perhaps shaping up to be my biggest favourites – magnificent melodies, magnificent lyrics!)

Why do you tie my feet?
A pilot I would be
To the space I’ll fly
and take control of my life

It’s cruel game
I cannot lose
On this path moving
like we on a cruise

Sit down
Don’t tell me what to be
Sit down
Don’t tell me where to be
Sit down
I’ll show u how to be

No matter who says what
I’ll just keep walking my way
The heaven I was looking for
The highway which will take me there

Extracts from Trauma by EXO – an obvious precursor
to the subject matter in their next album Obsession:

The long-lived villain in my heart
Pierced my heart countless times
Once Im about to forget, here it all comes again
Just like what youd see on a familiar screen

The wounds come back to life
I try to avoid them but get hurt every time

Inside the always endless darkness, I turned on a light
The door locking me in I hold open now wide

The nightmares that endlessly woke me from my sleep
Disappear as I count to three, you see

Watching closely in front of my sight
How the traumas of yesterday are falling instantly apart

With the wind beginning anew to blow
Let it blow more, and more
Its how I overcome it all
Then I’m about to show
how my view of life is taking its new flow

The interesting thing is that this time too, just as it turned out before, I detected the intrinsic nuances gradually, with the accumulation of impressions and associations. Only the Chinese-type dragons in the stylistics of the song were smilingly clear to me straight away – the invariable presence of the Serpent – Fire Kundalini in a diversity of variations. With this visual conception, at last, I even made the connection as to why we see motorcycles in the production of SM so often – this time they’ve chosen ones with such an appearance that their headlights recall flashing dragon’s eyes, i.e. we have the figure of Kundalini in motion. Just as we’ll see all manner of revolving fans, aeroplane propellers, the rims of tyres, airlocks, pupils of the eye, circular lighting effects, umbrellas etc. in all kinds of places in their videos – expressing the turning of what are known as ‘chakras’ in us: energy centres, which the awakening Kundalini – the Breath of Life, or divine force, for the time being just sleeping inside us – sets in motion.

The music video for Kick It It is focused on the choreography – on the performance itself in the style of Bruce Lee, yet despite this the scriptwriters have found ways not to omit their usual ideas. I watched the studio commentary by the boys in which they emphasized particular features and I smiled once again at the virtuosity of their associations. I’ll mention just the most essential ones. I turned my attention to the leading aspect, the one giving the song its name – the kick elements, with which in the film Inception, а jolt was given for an awakening on another level, and it could also be said for the awakening of our inner Super-‘I’. They stressed the fact that the iron figures (Iron Man, the super-hero, the super-man), similar to those in the video for their song Superhuman – are they themselves. And that Jaehyun looks like a real BOSS in the following frame – that is a god, bearing in mind the main idea of this song of theirs :)


After that comes the most beautiful musical part with the high, and vibrating like a propagating wave, tone of Taeil, singing how after darkness I’m born again, which was commented on like this: ‘When we are born again, like eagles, and we fly off far away…’ And as we know, the eagle is a widely accepted symbol of the Spirit and I detect here an allusion to the words of Christ from the Gospel of John 3:3 – that we have to be born again above in order that we may see the Kingdom of God :) They also hint to us that they are in their Neo Zone city (whose scenery immediately evoked for me a memory of the simulation in The Matrix, where Neo is doing martial arts training with Morpheus, but even stronger is the resemblance with the setting of the opening scene in Inception), while Johnny at the end hammers it in by way of explanation: ‘This is inside the Dream, this city is NCT!’ – ‘Like in Inception?” – obligingly inquires Mark. – ‘YES!’

In short, extracting the main idea from the lyrics of the song, we have something like an associative mosaic: ‘I create my own world myself – inside of me – the unimaginable – new horizons, revelation – after the darkness I am born again – I punch to the left and to the right – new thAngs new thAngs – we celebrate my birthday – shimmy shimmy (dancing, and more precisely vibrating) – I’m on a fire – kicks up high (with the movement of the video images like when ascending in a lift, plus we have the song Elevator on the album) – ma roof (the top 7th chakra) – in the Universe…’

The mystery which Orpheus already told us thousands of years ago comes immediately to mind:Everything is created from One and returns to It. Existence created the human being as a future God and a future Universe[1], yeah! :) Or the inscription above the temple in Delphi:Know thyself to know the gods and the Universe!The contemporary paradigm – The Way of Wisdom Teaching of Vaklush Tolev, makes this even more specific now:The battle for the Man has ended, now the battle for bringing out the God in Man begins… Man is a god in evolution.’ LET THE FIGHT BEGIN[2] 😉

And if we set out on the trail of the expression shimmy shimmy, veeeeery well-known to every admirer of EXO from their song Ko Ko Bop on the album The War, we’ll see the same images strung together, but instead of in the lyrics, given mainly in the visuals of a radically different performance. I extracted few frames from the music video to trace the concepts.

KoKoBop 01
« 1 на 30 »

And so, EXO are like the gods in the mythologies – they descend to the Earth (into the material world) and gradually forget where they’ve come from and that they possess super-powers. They fall asleep… Then comes the blue light.[3] They get a kick, once again like in Inception – the car whose door D.O. slams is warped as if the awakening is in another dimension and space as if they are dreaming. Kai, Suho and Xiumin sleep sitting down and they get the jolt that awakens – everything starts to fly around like when moving in a fast lift, as in the film. They show us a lighter and flick it – the activation of the fiery energy inside us. Suho is on the ‘upper platform’ and dives into ‘the deep’. We see a path along which they go down into the depths of the unknown. Several images of a revolving light. The stairs to the roof of the building. The boys are already sat there, on the platform-like roof of the building. Once again the images of the kick for awakening and the activated chakras. The ball, from the jolt given to it, turns into a bursting forth of light high in the heavens. Here the interesting thing is that the ball used in this case is in the colours of the Korean flag, i.e. in another aspect we may have a projection of the bright bursting forth in the world of the Korean wave itself :) It was the music – a song, which the signal for awakening on a new level was given with in Inception – just as in The 7-th Sense the familiar melody comes in order to wake us from the nightmares of yesterday!

But let’s return to the point with the healing of our traumas. I’d read the lyrics of the song Trauma by EXO before too, but now nuances revealed themselves to me which opened my eyes to some of the current symbols. As in many others, in this song too we have expressive variations about an eternally recurring nightmare of spiritual wounds from which we want to finally be freed. And what is the treatment? We illuminate them and begin our inner fermentation… We leave the doors open to the painful memories, releasing them to go away forever with a gust of the new wind, with which our view and our awareness is changed… The wind of change! Well, well, well – here is why the prelude to Kick It starts with this kind of visualization – the blowing of a wind which shakes up everything. It shakes our foundations, in order to change us…

Extracts from Day Dream

Where this wind is coming from?
It keeps pushing me step by step further ahead
Makes me dizzy
I’m lost these bushes in between
But I hear a familiar melody brushing through me

This place feels like a new world to be
Oh my my my, I’m busy looking around
Not tired
A Cheshire cat pops out from somewhere suddenly
And only left a smile…

The cat, which shows the change in the Matrix and gives a sense of dreaming 😉

I can’t fail to remember, by way of a finale, the wonderful pathos-filled conclusion of a ‘Tale under quarantine’ (followed by ‘The rage of the planets’) written in a humorous style with astrological antics by ‘the peasant scribbler: Anton Bozhkov – Star-Reckoner’, which appeared on a friend of mine Facebook wall and which concludes thus: ‘So that’s how, dear children, Good vanquished Evil, and it turned out that even in the greatest evil there lives a little good. They were historic times, a new era was born… The era of Homo Deus… The light is the embodiment of the Good and of enlightenment: love, caring, solidarity and empathy. John told us – ‘there is salvation, fear not, but we have to become aware and to change’. The fate of humanity is to transform the unthinkable of yesterday into the reality of tomorrow.

Extracts from Dreams Come True:

If I see myself in the past day,
Youre doing well’, I would like to say
Constantly upset days, your uneasy day
Everything will change

Shine bright just like me now
Wherever you go, you were always lost
Wherever you go, same story again and again
Before it’s too late, you’ll realize that
you’ll be shining
it’s all timing

All your dreams come true
Make yourself brand new
Trust yourself, dreams come true
Life is beautiful
Listen to the sound inside you

It feels like la la la la love
You’ll get to know
It feels like la la la la love
I’m another you

When you’re out of breath
you can just sit and rest
No need to rush

If you don’t give up like now
Finally will meet this happy me

[1] See ‘Nur’ magazine 6/93, Occultism and Mysticism: Orphism.

[2] “Нека битката да започне” – изписаната фраза в края на концепциалния трейлър към песента Obsession на EXO.

[3] From the song Limitless на NCT:

I wondered when the future was gonna come
But it’s in front of my eyes now
A short but strong blue light
My 7-th sense was awakened precisely like that


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