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CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE – time for creative projects or how Ralie’s Minies started

CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE – time for creative projects or how Ralie’s Minies started

Материалът на български виж ТУК.

Prepared by: Ralie Blag
Photos by: Alexsandra Vali

Ralie’s Mini Veggie Cuisine was brought to light during the Coronavirus quarantine time. While watching videos on YouTube I bumped into Japanese miniature cooking channels which made my day to the extend that I said to myself, ‘Here it is, I can start something like that’. So we commenced this new adventure with my sister Alexsandra Vali, who is a designer and photographer and my main supporter in all kind similar activities.

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I started shaping the project with online purchases of small but real kitchen utensils and on May 10, 2020, we shot the first four episodes. All-day, until late in the evening. Miniature things have always been my weakness, but I only now realized that. The Japanese scale and the Asian spirit as a conceptual intuition are obviously in my blood type by birth :) And because I love the conjunction of extremes, I really like the western gloss as well. My current point of residence (in other words, the point of accommodation) is actually a wonderful example of this mix – my bed is on the floor in Japanese style, but I have a swivel bar table and chair on the other hand; the space is tiny, but I’m looking at New York skyscrapers on my wall… :) Actually with my relocation 2-3 years ago (at the end of 2017) to live here, we had put in mind the wish to start filming in the environment of my cute accommodation, but we never managed to find the right format, because as much as both with Alex like to share impressions, ideas, etc., we do not like to talk on assignment, and even less – in front of a camera. We tried, but… our strength is obviously in approaching the usual in an unusual way, such as our slogan is: “For everyday grind with more in mind.” To be casually beautiful, smiling, and with an element of whimsy. And here comes the wise Saturn, with the cooperation of a whole bunch of other planets, helped us finally to figure out how to do it – in the time of coronavirus quarantine we start with sister Alex our fun blockbuster miniature :)))

HERE IS THE TEST EPISODE of the twin-baby series that naturally developed a bit later to bring some food for the soul and the mind as well. (And for my surprise it grew up into a real vlog later on where I am in front of the camera :) )

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We are already at the end of the allotted time for preparation and a day or two ago I dreamed of a symbolic image of the upcoming series. I knew in the dream that I had ordered a shipment from Japan and I saw how I had already received the parcel with the ordered things and unpacked it. I remember that there were other familiar people around me as a presence – I saw us on the stairs in front of our Old House in Pleven (where I grew up), and I knew that one of the things in my package was a book by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. Akutagawa is my favorite Japanese writer, whom I have always felt close to. I was 15-16 years old when I discovered him in the local bookstore – a volume from the series “World Classics”, which together with Salinger, discovered around the same time in the face of “Nine Stories. Glass Family”, is an integral part of my “Golden Fund” of favorite readings :) I took the book out of the parcel, and it was like a Mozart chocolate box, heh. Mozart is another immortal beloved buddy of mine actually, who topped my list of world-famous personalities perhaps a year later. He unlocked my love for music – in the beginning, classical only, until one day I was grabbed by the voice of James Hetfield, that is, I discovered Metallica too :) And today I find an inspiring mix of many favorite things in Korean pop.

In short, the covering of the book from the shipment in the dream was in a beautiful shiny reddish – monochromatic, with a voluminous embossed title and in a bizarre shape. It looked like a small house because the middle part was quadratic. It was rounded like an arch at the top and ended with four protruding “legs” at the bottom. That is, it could be put upright as in an exhibition :) But… it couldn’t be easily opened. The square part had a dotted line for tearing the cardboard. An effort had to be applied to tear the covering, and then the contents could be introduced – a hardcover book that you take out of this “package” was in. And one more thing as a detail. A woman next to me caught sight of the book while I was examining it and asked me to give it to her to check it up. It was just a kind of statistic which showed that there were people who didn’t like Ryunosuke Akutagawa. In my dream, I wondered how there could be negative statistics for a world literary classic, and I thought that this simply showed the presence of different tastes without reflecting the real value of the work. And that was it.

I woke up and it became clear to me that I dreamed a symbolic image of our Mini project, and the hardcover book “inside” was most probably the “Bright Sparks in the Aura of Bulgaria:) The packaging was like a house because we cook – an image of a home environment. However, the top was like an arch, because we include something for the soul as well. And it’s like a Mozart chocolate box because his music is a favorite classic in the genre for me and at the moment I mainly use it as a background sound when editing the episodes. Finally, the statistics tell us to get used to the common fact that even if you are Ryunosuke Akutagawa, there will always be someone who doesn’t like you, but it doesn’t matter.

And not to forget to explain something that I’m sure will provoke an understandable reaction. The main character in our mini cuisine is His Majesty The Ring :) Yes, it is contraindicating in principle to cook like this, but in that case, it is a really important detail. The ring, resembling a mini crown, I dug out of my belongings when was in Pleven shortly after I enthusiastically set out the start for realization of a mini cooking show. I’ve never used it before – the ring was a completely forgotten gift from many years ago, which I even wonder how it came to my attention now. In general, I don’t wear jewelry in my everyday life (no nail polish as well, haha), except maybe bracelets sometimes, and only in the summer season. In summer 2017, however, our cousin Lina (when we were at hers with our other sister Silvia) gifted me with the other ring – in black and silver, which I liked so much that I haven’t taken it off since. And since then I have noticed genuinely a gradual rise in the materialization of my creative pursuits. And because the newly discovered silver ring reminded me of a crown, i.e. corona (we use this word exactly in Bulgarian for a crown),  I made my mind that it would be an ideal symbolic attribute – especially and only for the new endeavor :)

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From August 1, 2020:
Book annotation and links for free download in pdf format here HERE.
And in this video presentation, we shot the skyscrapers as a background :)

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