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Vaklush Tolev: Freedom is an idea of divinity! + biography

Vaklush Tolev: Freedom is an idea of divinity! + biography


Written by Vaklush Tolev

The Universal Charter of Human Rights is a stolen joy from the mankind’s conscience – an expression against such incomparable cruelty already in history and a shoreless yearning in the human soul for peace, prosperity and freedom.

It is without doubt an achievement, as well as a political act of the duel between the two systems that had divided the world. One of the systems was defending the individual in its wholeness, but in its commercial tendency; the other one was supporting the idea of the collective consciousness – it was destroying the individual in a collective grave. The supporters of the thesis for defending a group mind do not give a way to the individual because he is able of thinking and therefore he is able also to destroy. The others protect the individual, but only in conformity with the official ethics of religions. One way or another, they all defend only the body in which, allegedly, there is some kind of a thinking apparatus.

The confessed religions give sufficient grounds to protect something else beside the body. This has been stated clearly by Christ: ‘Fear not them who kill the body, but fear that your soul may be killed’ (Matthew 10:28). This is the great secret! Nowadays man is protected from being killed, but no one guarantees that his soul will not be destroyed! This is a problem, which has never been raised in order to find out which elements kill man’s soul.
The Universal Charter of Human Rights does not satisfy only the Christian mind. It is also necessary and applicable for the other religions, which have their own different dimension in the doctrine man – soul. And what about Nietzsche’s concept that there is a bridge between overman and animal called man? Which substance inside us is the overman and what is being done for its protection?!

People turned the magic carpet into a rocket in order to go to the Moon, but they still deny the magic carpet in man. Once the idea of flying had been accepted as a fantasy, as a mythology, but now we have made it a reality! At present we cannot accept our soul-being as objectivity, but in the third millennium our soul will have life. Man stands as a target in the history life path and undoubtedly a Day for protection of his rights is born as a necessity of applied will and thought that man is a god-perceivable necessity, that he is a god in evolution.

There is no greater daring in the idea of freedom than what Christ gave as man’s right with the idea of equality and forgiveness – to have not only the quality of sabozhnik (God inspirited His Breath in man, therefore man is essence from God or sabozhnik), but overhuman as well. Freedom, as an idea of equality, has been carried through all millennia and begins with the first religious thrill – with the birth of the prayer between man and God. The essence of the Universal Charter of Human Rights is so ancient, that if we go five thousand years back, we will find it in the Hindu religion in Krishna’s words who said he would give his life for love. (Something which Sándor Petőfi would repeat later.) Later on Buddha – a predecessor of Jesus, would fight against castes (albeit unsuccessfully), and Moses would set that which we now accept with such protectiveness and respect – the rights of man! (Isn’t Moses’ law “Thou shalt not kill!” a right to life indeed?!) In mankind’s historical memory, even before the Ten Commandments, there are similar acts of protection – the Acadian Tablets of Destiny, the Twelve Tables of Rome. As a matter of fact, the legal doctrine of the Ten Commandments is borrowed from Hammurabi’s laws.

And when the Declaration was already in existence, discrimination manifested in America and Martin Luther King was murdered. It is insulting that we turn a blind eye to such crimes and yet we flatter ourselves when we are tossed some kid’s toys. These are not freedoms!

Then where is the threshold of the joy that we have right to freedom, as well as the right to life? Life is unconquerable – everything else are shadows of obsolete actualities! This is why the idea of immortality remains – because the idea of life is unquestionable. And this is the source, this is also the applied reality – that man is! Therefore, every present must create and guarantee being that ensures man’s right to life and labour – a protection from humiliation, poverty and hunger, and to safeguard the right to imagination, because imagination is freedom as an idea for creation.

Man is the being while freedom is a right of the Spirit to outpour itself in all its endowments!

There are two antipodes in the world history and the European culture – the Baptism of Jesus when God the Father says “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17), and the Trial when Pilate, who must judge a Deity, says “Behold the Man!” In this plane the mankind’s culture has been developing over the last two thousand years. In this period of time there are Inquisition and indulgences both being destructive enough. But there is something not less destructive that still stands – the anathema. The religious institutions use this unhindered violent measure against man’s soul-being.

The anathema is a religious punishment that destroys human spirituality.

Anathema is a condemnation with excommunication. Then where is the harbour of the excommunicated man? The Charter of Human rights provides for rights to a most basic awakening, but where is the right of the soul not to be defiled, not to be stigmatized with a curse and socially isolated? Indeed now there are no councils in which whole heretic groups are stigmatized, but each individual, with the insult that their soul is cursed, is an element of the historical spirit. Everyone is a part of a nation’s wholeness and of the historical way of a people. So, it is not only a question of an insult, but of responsibility before that invisible that is more real than anything else, because in its next reincarnation this soul will return to the historical life. It comes scarred and the wholeness of the national path is disrupted, because entwined within it is the individual way as a humiliated state of man.

Furthermore, the term ‘enemy’ is still incised on the social field. Whereas Christ reveals a whole philosophy. He says ‘Love thy enemy!’ He does not say ‘Love thy neighbour’ as it has been common until then, for what is the profit of loving only your brother? Or what is the profit of loving God Who you do not see but hate your brother and make him your enemy?

The civil rights guarantee the freedom of speech, but not protection against the insult of official institutions that call their adversary ‘enemy’. An adversary is a side which you are arguing with, while the enemy is something else entirely.

Enemy is a stigma on man’s soul being! What are the reasons for all these negations?
Have the years of maturity been missing? No, what is missing is the insight that man is more than a body with a brain to think. And the brain does not think, it only receives. And when greatness is lacking, these terrible terms are used: anathema and enemy. Negation should not be impregnated, but the pith of maleficence should be taken out instead, so that the blessed table of forgiveness remains. Man needs to live through the duel between good and evil. But stigmatizing someone stops their ability to go through, to evolve evil into good. Thus the awakening of the Spirit is actually hindered in the man realizing himself for divinity.
Unfortunately, God is difficult to protect in man’s soul being. The religious conscience is protected from insult, but not God. This is the other absurdity which exists and of which an empowered atheism easily takes advantage.
Very mawkish are all tendencies that do not have the insight of god-inspirations and revelations. There is something insulting in establishing a day to remind of the human rights protection without giving an inner prayer to defend man’s soul. Battles have been fought for millennia for man’s freedom (often full of cruelties), but a battle has not yet been fought for the freedom of God in man!
My first position which I would like to enter this battlefield with, my first defence is the following:
In the Charter of Human Rights a clause on the protection of the soul to be included: for the soul not to be anathemized by any religion and for the civil law to be freed from the word ‘enemy’.

In view of our entering a new millennium I plead to have these rights provided for and to have them harboured with the respective case. Because where is the mankind’s conscience?! Man answers for his deeds before his conscience, i.e. before his Creator Whom some call ‘nature’ and rob it, other call it ‘God’ and desecrate Him…

The idea of freedom is a winged bird which like a phoenix will burn and it shall rise again. Jesus Christ says ‘Only the Truth shall make you free!’, and freedom is the only thing that can make man having the quality of sabozhnik (“condeitor”– God inspirited His Breath in every man, therefore everyman is an essence of God) – only freedom can give birth to gods! ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life!’ Life is a co-presence in Divinity!

In mankind’s history one works for the common, suffers for the worthy, sacrifices himself for the great, and resurrects for the Divine! May freedom resurrect, may it descend upon us like the Holy Pentecost!

Source: EUROPA magazine, April-May, 1999


– Biography of  Vaklush Tolev –

The Master Vaklush Tolev was born in Bulgaria on 7 January 1923, on the day of Christ’s birth, in the village of Popovitsa (from “Pope”, which is the common popular word for “Priest” in Bulgarian), Plovdiv. His earthly path ended on 27 November 2013 in Sofia.

He studied at the Law School of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” from where he was expelled in 1946 for political reasons. He spent many years in prisons and camps where he wrote poetry, drama, philosophical essays and studied German, French and English… After being released, he majored Theology at the Sofia Theological Academy.

In 1991 Vaklush Tolev began lecturing on History of religions in the universities of Plovdiv, Sofia and other cities. Later on those lectures became the “History and Theory of Universal Religious Teachings” trilogy. It consists of his works: “History of Religions” and “Esoteric Schools and Mystic Teachings” – Part I (pre-Christian occultism) and Part II (post-Christian occultism). These works offer a new global overview of the presence and role of spiritual and occult knowledge in humanity’s personal, social and historical being.

Apart from academic courses, Vaklush Tolev delivers speeches and lectures, which shape up the overall image of a new Teaching, named by him Way of Wisdom. The Teaching of Wisdom is a new continued hierarchy of the Spiritual doctrines of Universal evolution. It is part of the grand chain of the doctrines of Spiritual waves: the Wave of Creation, of Mythology, of Justice, of Love, of Wisdom, of Truth and of Freedom. For the first time in the world Vaklush Tolev gives a Doctrine of the hierarchy of Spiritual waves and proclaims the next one – the Wave of Wisdom. Since 1993 Vaklush Tolev’s lectures, speeches and discussions have been published in the author’s magazine Nur (nur – never-fading, imperishable light). As its motto, the magazine carries his aphorism “There is no evil, there is non-evolved good”.

Vaklush Tolev has also written the book “The Seven Rays of Evolution” where he analyses the Seven Rays within which the personal and social evolution of humanity is being realised. For the first time Vaklush not only gives new names of the Rays, but a complete concept of their acting as well. Another one of Vaklush Tolev’s publications is Uncovenanted Testament – an Almanac of Messages of the Planetary Logos. The Messages of the Planetary Logos are notation of the Teaching of Wisdom, he says, and Uncovenanted Testament is Wisdom’s key to a new being for humanity.

About his two-volume edition “The Spiritual Gifts of Bulgaria” Vaklush Tolev says that it is an aural essence against social passion. Its first part outlines the cultural and historic role, as well as the spiritual contribution of religions in the Bulgarian lands, whereas the second is dedicated to the spiritual and social phenomena in Bulgaria. Coming up next for publication is “Wisdom in Scriptures” – a composure of aphorisms, maxims and thoughts brought out from his abundant work.

Vaklush Tolev is the inspiration behind the Association “Society Way of Wisdom” which works to unfold humanity’s spiritual and cultural evolution. He is also the author of the idea to establish a Day and to build a Home-sanctuary of 13 named immortal Bulgarians – an idea which has been published in a dedicated edition-album. It was Vaklush Tolev’s proposal that a clause be added in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the rights of the soul, banishing the application of ‘anathema’ in religions and the use of the term “enemy” in social and civil relationships. He gives the idea that anathema scars the human soul and that there is no enemy, but sabozhnik (condeitor – every man is essence from God)! Furthermore, Vaklush Tolev introduced the following correction in the Lord’s Prayer: “Deliver us from evil so that we may not succumb to temptation” which replaces “And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil”. His grounds for suggesting this correction is Epistle of James (1:13).

The ideas of Vaklush Tolev are not only astute interpretations in the fields of religious study, philosophy, history, sociology, etc. They are a contribution to the future as a vision of humanity’s presence in the Third Millennium with the Culture of Wisdom.


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