Home ENGLISH EQUINOX: The universal saga of ‘The Fifth Element’ with Bulgaria as its epicentre is going to be played out on the Eurovision stage in the month of May :)

EQUINOX: The universal saga of ‘The Fifth Element’ with Bulgaria as its epicentre is going to be played out on the Eurovision stage in the month of May :)

EQUINOX: The universal saga of ‘The Fifth Element’ with Bulgaria as its epicentre is going to be played out on the Eurovision stage in the month of May :)

Материалът на български виж ТУК.

Prepared by Ralie Blag
Translation: Neil Scarth
The material is part of the publication “Bright Sparks in the Aura of Bulgaria
(Download pdf of the book for free.)

The era of the Spiritual Wave of Wisdom is the age when Humanity reaches spiritual maturity.
The era of Wisdom will realise the hierarchy of possibilities which the God embedded within us
bears. It will realise everything which the highest essence of Christianity has left us.

~ Vaklush Tolev ~ 

I hadn’t expected a song by Borislav Milanov under the Symphonix name one more time in a row to represent Bulgaria in the Eurovision this year (2018). If for nothing else then because his being chosen yet again would provoke a wave of resentment, that it’s him again… And speculation. I wanted it to be so but I doubted that BNT would display enough courage to opt for one of his projects once more, even if it was actually the richest in meaning and most accomplished one. My sincere admiration to BNT for daring to take this risk despite everything!

And so, just like last year, Eurovision lay beyond my field of vision until, that is, the song chosen to represent us appeared. In this connection, I remember seeing somewhere a strikingly stylish black-and-white advert for the musical group whose name was unfamiliar to me and even hard for me to read. And that’s it. On the 12th of May – just as coincidentally as happened with ‘Beautiful Mess’ before that (and also with ‘If Love was a Crime’), on my Facebook wall the song itself appeared, along with a video showing the lyrics to watch on Youtube. I clicked on it out of curiosity, of course. And let it play. Than… ’Wow, a cosmic sci-fi aura, I like it!’ – I noted as a first thought and impression, listening now with greater attention. By the end of the song I was totally carried away by the message – you could even see the image of Christ (or The Master Jedi) being hinted at in one of the singers’ faces. I felt quiet awe. I experienced the sense of peace of a road that has been travelled. The battle had ceased. I intuitively perceived the group as Harmony in Diversity of the Whole, without being aware of the allusion to ‘The Fifth Element’ of Luc Besson. Even without further explication I was once again enraptured… Once again a wonderful and subtle song… benign, beautiful and… containing ideas Beyond Words. Truly unifying. With discretely entwined yet recognisable Bulgarian folk motifs – with precise accentuation in just the right places. I could hardly wait to find out whether other people were as full of admiration as I was for the new musical magic that had been offered to us and to my delight I saw that I wasn’t the only one. In the whole aura of this song I feel, exactly as it is said: ‘Rejoice! We can conquer the world!’: that is ourselves and worldliness :)

Below follows a brief representative cross-section of the comments shared in Facebook groups. I think that they express what’s most important – especially the first is and last of those chosen (the mirror-image effect of the one after them is also really original :) ) After that the main points by Borislav Milanov himself are presented: selected extracts from his interviews in the media (mostly).

Martin Terziev: The video with lyrics is pretty strong and stylish. The play of the light and the fine details are unique! Well done, people, well done! This is not only world-class, you’ve managed to attain your very own style and direction. Poli, Kristian and now Equinox seem to be following the same storyline and are different elements of something big, something different! The future!!!
Hristina Sokolova: I liked it on the first listen! This mystical energy simply engulfed me… ❤ Chickens, cowboys, all kinds of riffraff… and WE… have a project in a different UNIVERSE ❤
Martin Terziev: The song is UNIQUE! It’s from a different dimension and galaxy! The whole time it sent shivers down my spine. There hasn’t been a more beautiful song this year, we’ve never submitted such a beautiful song!
Sofia Toneva: Yes, I’ve just watched it and I was awestruck! I hadn’t expected such a song! I’m simply lost for words, what more can I say? It gets my spine tingling!
Valya Todorova: The song is simply devastating. It has killer lyrics. It simply leaves me dumbfounded! Love at first listen, this is! I’m listening for the first time but mark my words: this is the song which will torpedo all the others in Portugal! :)
Bilyana Parlovska: The song is like hypnosis! Well done! Let’s hope the stage performance is up to scratch!
Mehmed Metin: Just to say that each one of the singers is a monster of a vocalist by themselves. But together live on stage – I can scarcely imagine how they will sound… I expect it to be cosmic and to bring about a real black hole which will engulf us all :)
Mariana Marina: BONES will be the utter surprise and sensation of this year’s Eurovision, I’m sure about that! This is a song of the Cosmos, an astounding musical masterpiece with a moving and truly profound message in the lyrics ❤ I’m dumbstruck and coming out in goosebumps – if millions of Europeans FEEL IT, FEEL IT, FEEL IT like me – like us, then that means we’re in first place this year!!!
Ralie Blag: It truly wins you over! I fell in love from the word go, just like last year. Yet again with ideas from the Beyond… It’s like a meditation from the future!!! Let’s hope it wins this time because it shows the exact future reality of unity, when the ego has been overcome ❤ A pity that as a whole the political life of our planet is not yet ripe for the real embodiment of the important ideas brought to us by art…
Dobrinka Bojilova: the song is terrific – at a world-class, cosmic level… Well done to Borislav Milanov! In a comment under the song it was said: we are not going there to win, but to teach them something!

Here follows picked out a risible masterpiece of resentment the announcement of the song chosen to represent Bulgaria in the Eurovision this year has occasioned and which the loquacious composer and poetess Vida Pironkova has inundated the media with. So we have the other side of the coin, though from a position of superiority it is to be hoped…

Emily Georgieva: The song firstly sounded somehow un-Bulgarian to me, and secondly – somehow sinister! Like a funeral tribute to someone, a junkie who’s died of an overdose or perhaps has committed suicide, sung by his drug-buddy fellow addicts who’ve fallen into a state of communal trance. A shame for the wonderful voices of the performers! In a word, the song is: Appalling! In two words: Utterly revolting! In three words: Murky musical sludge! Let’s hope that they make it seem less dead when it’s live. Hopefully, by means of the beautiful-sounding voices of the singers, the staging, effects and other extras, the song will at least approach something memorable, unique and interesting… to be something like a hymn to life beyond the grave, a hymn to the drug-dependent, to suicides, to fans of the rituals of Satanic sects, to the mentally ill, to those writhing between this world and the next, to those in a state of coma or hypnosis, to vampires, zombies or other similar addicts and addict-esses here and in the world at large. A pity that we didn’t get to see all 13 song submissions. I personally only got to see ‘Rebirth’ by Vida Pironkova, and that was in connection with the scandal ‘Zhana Bergendorff cheated me’. This song is brilliant in my opinion and could have represented us with dignity, however corrupt, artificial and politicised the song competition in question might be. But enough from me. We want a song by Vida Pironkova for Eurovision 2018!

Why  EQUINOX and why BONES?

We extend a welcome to Borislav Milanov who is the one behind the successes of the songs by Poli Genova and Kristian Kostov at Eurovision. He’s on the way to notching up a hat-trick J How did the creation of this particular track come about and why is the band line-up like this: many in number and involving people from abroad?

I have to say to you quite frankly that the format of the song and the project as they are now took shape in the process of development. The initial idea for the song was born after I’d watched a film which really inspired me – ‘The Fifth Element’ by Luc Besson, and due to the fact that I’d gone through a kind of phase during which I took a great interest in Orthodox Christianity. The basis of the song arose during a songwriting session following this inspiration. I felt, though, that this song is not for one performer, for one singer – right from the very beginning – but at that time it still wasn’t clear to me what it was all about.

Why Equinox? Where did the name come from?
That wasn’t the first idea for the name – it was something connected to the Fifth Element again. To gather together the five elements with Zhana as the Fifth Element in the middle. In Equinox there is ‘equal’, i.e. ‘equality’, and ‘nox’ is night. The Equinox is the day on which the night and day are equal, when there is peace between the dark and the light, between Good and Evil. And after this day of Equinox, the days get longer. In other words this is the victory over and vanquishing of evil. Likewise, I have to say, as a believer, that Christ was conceived at the Vernal Equinox – at least according to the scriptures. There exactly is the symbolism for me personally. And then again other people, my friends professing other faiths, told me that the Vernal Equinox is a very important day in their cultures. And that’s when I had a moment when I realised that this is a day which unites the whole planet, all peoples and cultures. At the Equinox something happens in all of us and that for me is a highly powerful symbolism.

But we gather that your two American colleagues didn’t feel particularly equal on their arrival in Sofia?
I really ought to say how the name Equinox occurred to me. The first evening after they arrived I left them to get back to their hotel by themselves. I called a taxi for them because I had to drive Zhana home. In the middle of Tsarigrad Boulevard, though, something happened and the driver stopped and told them to get out, hurling insults at them. Whether it was because they were talking in English or because they’re dark-skinned, he kicked them out saying that he didn’t want them in his taxi a moment longer. They saw a 24-hour fast food place nearby and Johnny, who is a tenorino (a high tenor) and has a unique voice, started to sing that Whitney Houston song, ‘I Have Nothing’, with an appeal for help because it was snowing heavily and cold and the man wanted to get back to his hotel – it was 3 in the morning. At that moment, the woman serving said, ‘I’ll give them a lift’. The boss said: ‘But how can you just abandon your place of work like that?!’ And she risked her job to give them a ride. This incident shows me that in terms of prejudices that taxi driver is a bad example for Bulgarians, but that girl on the other hand is a unique example for Bulgarians.

Yes, but that driver ought to be sacked…
Let me just finish off with the other incident… We’d got together in a bar at night just before their departure, before they went back after we’d finished the video, and we were sitting singing. There’s a piano there, they were sitting and the whole bar was singing along with us. I have to say there was no way that venue could have contained more love. And, as always, when much love reigns, there appeared a force which wanted to mess things up. At that moment two people came up to us and, by the time I’d turned round, I don’t know what happened, but they said to them: ‘Dirty niggers, go and stink up somewhere else, be gone from here!’ They got offended and wanted to leave… and we had to deal with these people who, as it turned out, were not Bulgarians this time: the woman was a Russian and the man was a Greek.

Zhana at that point tried to calm Johnny and Trey down by telling them that she’d been the object of racism in Denmark and then Johnny said something which I found exceptionally inspiring: ‘Don’t bother about it, Zhana – you and I are equal as human beings.’ This imprinted itself on my consciousness and the morning after I was reading, because I’d got interested in something, I’d been searching the Internet and out it came: Equinox. I read it through and at that moment I realised that I wanted to christen this formation ‘Equinox’. / Borislav Milanov, bTV, ‘Before Noon’, 15.03.2018

~ ~ ~

From a musical point of view I would say that their voices fit together really well, they complement each other and in each and every part of the song each one of them has a moment in which they shine and sing it like no-one else could sing it. I mean there is this equinox thing in the song itself: everyone has his or her own moment which is very important whilst everyone is singing the whole time, there is a sense of commitment, whether they are doubling up on the upper or the lower octave or if they’re singing the second harmony… that was really important too when selecting them. / Borislav Milanov, BNT Eurovision Bulgaria, 13.03.2018


Why ‘Bones’ and why the mirror image?
In the human body there is one single part which always remembers the pain and trauma, which never heals up completely and which always remains marked… the bones are the only part of us which always remain after us… for centuries and millennia… Following this train of thought, the projection of the bones in symbolic terms is as a symbol of the non-material, of slow time… The slow time in which our soul unfolds… Our soul, which is actually God in us… And so, according to this line of thought, the mirror image of the message is the bones as a symbol of incorruptibility, the equivalent of everlasting love, of all loves as one whole, which our soul experiences. To love to perfection, unconditionally and beyond the material… / Borislav Milanov, FB status, 13.03.2018


Unbelievable but true… 1 million views in 5 days! I was very unsure about whether I should submit a song or project again for Bulgaria this year and all my international colleagues in Symphonix and my family were telling me to let it lie at least for the time being. And I had actually already decided not to apply but, as is so often the case in life, something unexpected happened and I changed my mind. Now, looking back, I am so glad that I did submit and so proud of the outcome: I love this project… I love this song, I love all the talented artists on it and I love the whole visual concept, including the video. I am so grateful and honoured to be able to work with such a big and talented Bulgarian and international team on this project, on both the musical production and the visual concept. Because teamwork is everything and the only key to success! / Borislav Milanov, FB status 17.03.2018.

With this project, for the first time in my life I have the feeling that I have not made one compromise from the creative point of view. I’m working with the people I want to work with – visually, musically and so on, without having stopped for a moment believing in what I want to say ultimately. But whatever happens in Lisbon, I’m certain of one thing: that we will leave a beautiful trace on behalf of Bulgaria. Because a project like this is something very powerful in the name of Bulgaria. / Borislav Milanov,  bTV, ‘Before Noon’, 15.03.2018

~ ~ ~

There are always untrodden paths and roads long-since rejected. And the new path is the Culture of Wisdom. The spiritual locus of the imminent culture of Wisdom is Bulgaria. As a Universal destiny, as a historical reality, in terms of national consciousness in the existence of the planet, it is the Bulgarian nation which has been entrusted with this task. Because the Bulgarians have never had mythologies – they have had neither angels nor demons. The karma of Bulgaria is very pure – there is no other people with a purer karma and with the exceptional gift of being spiritual. / Vaklush Tolev, www.arhiv.marica.bg


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