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Vaklush Tolev: Rhodope – a mountain of hearty hospitality + biography


Question: Mr. Tolev, what is Rhodope Mountain in the Way of Wisdom Teaching?

Vaklush Tolev: You are asking me whether it is a sanctuary, a magic idol or a real symbol? Till now in the human culture there are indisputable real symbols: mountains, rivers, springs – with still smoldering embers and a sacral respect.

What is Olympus? Is it just an abode of gods or is it a culture of imagination
that coined the byword Olympian?

What are the mountain Mandala or the river Ganges for Vishnu and Krishna?

What is Sinai – the birth womb of the Ten Commandments?

What is Ararat?

What is the mountain Eleon?

What is the mountain Tabor – the Transfiguration, one of the greatest sacraments?

What are the Castalia and Parnassus – the spring of muses and the home of poetry?

For us, the Rhodope mountain is a home-sanctuary, inhabited by great gods as Dionysus, by man-gods – Orpheus, Zalmoxis; cultures, which now reveal its grandeur to the world with anxiousless dignity. Let us share that now Rhodope is not only a mountain of hearty hospitality, as I called it, but is our real symbol to read and write the Book of Life, which the Way of Wisdom Teaching named and accepted as an altar of the sacrament – man is a god in evolution with a new moral ordinance:

That there is no evil, there is non-evolved good;
That there is no enemy, there is condeitor (sabozhnik – every man is essence from God);
That we should not accept the other’s guilt for our innocence!

Over there the Children of the Day with insight and predestination become liberators, not apostles! Over there the life in the Mountain renews them and they study the sacrament Service without oneself! We do not assure them whether God has been coming to this mountain! We just know that God has not left!

Source: www.vaklush.org
Photos by Evgeni Dinev


– Biography of  Vaklush Tolev –

The Master Vaklush Tolev was born in Bulgaria on 7 January 1923, on the day of Christ’s birth, in the village of Popovitsa (from “Pope”, which is the common popular word for “Priest” in Bulgarian), Plovdiv. His earthly path ended on 27 November 2013 in Sofia.

He studied at the Law School of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” from where he was expelled in 1945 for political reasons. He spent many years in prisons and camps where he wrote poetry, drama, philosophical essays and studied German, French and English… After being released, he majored Theology at the Sofia Theological Academy.

In 1991 Vaklush Tolev began lecturing on History of religions in the universities of Plovdiv, Sofia and other cities. Later on those lectures became the “History and Theory of Universal Religious Teachings” trilogy. It consists of his works: “History of Religions” and “Esoteric Schools and Mystic Teachings” – Part I (pre-Christian occultism) and Part II (post-Christian occultism). These works offer a new global overview of the presence and role of spiritual and occult knowledge in humanity’s personal, social and historical being.

Apart from academic courses, Vaklush Tolev delivers speeches and lectures, which shape up the overall image of a new Teaching, named by him Way of Wisdom. The Teaching of Wisdom is a new continued hierarchy of the Spiritual doctrines of Universal evolution. It is part of the grand chain of the doctrines of Spiritual waves: the Wave of Creation, of Mythology, of Justice, of Love, of Wisdom, of Truth and of Freedom. For the first time in the world Vaklush Tolev gives a Doctrine of the hierarchy of Spiritual waves and proclaims the next one – the Wave of Wisdom. Since 1993 Vaklush Tolev’s lectures, speeches and discussions have been published in the author’s magazine Nur (nur – never-fading, imperishable light). As its motto, the magazine carries his aphorism “There is no evil, there is non-evolved good”.

Vaklush Tolev has also written the book “The Seven Rays of Evolution” where he analyses the Seven Rays within which the personal and social evolution of humanity is being realised. For the first time Vaklush not only gives new names of the Rays, but a complete concept of their acting as well. Another one of Vaklush Tolev’s publications is Uncovenanted Testament – an Almanac of Messages of the Planetary Logos. The Messages of the Planetary Logos are notation of the Teaching of Wisdom, he says, and Uncovenanted Testament is Wisdom’s key to a new being for humanity.

About his two-volume edition “The Spiritual Gifts of Bulgaria” Vaklush Tolev says that it is an aural essence against social passion. Its first part outlines the cultural and historic role, as well as the spiritual contribution of religions in the Bulgarian lands, whereas the second is dedicated to the spiritual and social phenomena in Bulgaria. Coming up next for publication is “Wisdom in Scriptures” – a composure of aphorisms, maxims and thoughts brought out from his abundant work.

Vaklush Tolev is the inspiration behind the Association “Society Way of Wisdom” which works to unfold humanity’s spiritual and cultural evolution. He is also the author of the idea to establish a Day and to build a Home-sanctuary of 13 named immortal Bulgarians – an idea which has been published in a dedicated edition-album. It was Vaklush Tolev’s proposal that a clause be added in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the rights of the soul, banishing the application of ‘anathema’ in religions and the use of the term “enemy” in social and civil relationships. He gives the idea that anathema scars the human soul and that there is no enemy, but sabozhnik (condeitor – every man is essence from God)! Furthermore, Vaklush Tolev introduced the following correction in the Lord’s Prayer: “Deliver us from evil so that we may not succumb to temptation” which replaces “And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil”. His grounds for suggesting this correction is Epistle of James (1:13).

The ideas of Vaklush Tolev are not only astute interpretations in the fields of religious study, philosophy, history, sociology, etc. They are a contribution to the future as a vision of humanity’s presence in the Third Millennium with the Culture of Wisdom.


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