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Vaklush Tolev about THE SPIRITUAL WAVES: Doctrines and Unity

Vaklush Tolev about THE SPIRITUAL WAVES: Doctrines and Unity

By Vaklush Tolev from the book ‘History of Religions’
Translation: Neil Scarth
Photo: Lyubomir Andreev

SEVEN are the lamps in the existence of the human being. Seven Spiritual cultural races and seven Spiritual waves lap him and make him divine. Every Spiritual wave is an outpouring of the Planetary Logos – a divine emanation, which nourishes the planetary whole. The Spiritual wave is а leaven and new development, it is change, though not violence too. Each one bears within it a cosmic principle.

The First spiritual wave accomplishes The Creation
the Spirit undergoes involution into the material,
and the world and the human being are created.

The Second spiritual wave gives rise to The Quest
by means of the polarities, the Spirit begins to seek itself in the material.

The Third spiritual wave introduces The Rule of Law
the laws are inscribed in the world.

The Fourth spiritual wave pulses Unity
the world strives towards its Original Source.

The Fifth spiritual wave bears Enlightenment
the Spirit begins to illuminate the material.

The Sixth spiritual wave manifests Spiritualization
unity between Spirit and Material is achieved.

The Seventh spiritual wave accomplishes God-Life
the inherent Godhood is set free.

In the current evolutionary stage, the Spiritual Waves are manifested by the Great Initiates – God-Sons, hierarchically prepared to receive and draw down the emanation of Logos depending on the level of the common planetary whole.

The First spiritual wave is The Wave of Self-Awareness, which realises in the human being the struggle for individuation on the physical plane. The human being receives the Breath of Life and becomes a planetary personage – his egocentrism breaks him off from his herd consciousness. We have an inherent Godhood, which needs to conquer for itself a form in order to unfold!

The Second spiritual wave is The Wave of Mythology, which gives rise to conflict in the soul of the human being and the imagination to seek Godhood. The mythological person becomes aware in elementality, via elemental divinities he acquires forms and qualities; through them he receives the idea of civilisation, i.e. of self-realization on the earthly plane. We have a fragmented Godhood, which has to awaken the need of the human being for immortality.

The Third spiritual wave is The Wave of Justice, which introduces Measure – the principle of good and evil enters into life. Reason limits in order to judge, and humanity starts to develop civilisation. This wave gives birth to the individuated religions: Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Mohammedanism. It is that of applied imagination in principles, of the given testament, of the imposed law. We have a monotheism, in which God has no name – if you mention Him, you will burn, they will ex-communicate you!

The Fourth spiritual wave is The Wave of Love, which pulses unity between feeling, mind and spirituality. It brings about a turning point in the existence of the human being; it frees him from the chain of earthly domination, born of the first three Spiritual waves. The Wave of Love crystallises in the Teaching of Christ; it realises the Crucifixion – the duel between the Spirit and Material, for the process of evolution to commence. That is why Christ points to the Celestial Kingdom, replaces blood kinship with a spiritual one, sublimates the idea of offering sacrifice, gives ideas about love towards one’s enemy and forgiveness – for the human being to see himself in the other. This is the path to Unity, to: ‘I and the Father are one!’ (John 10:30) We have an individuated Godhood, which must be seen as a child of God!

The Fifth spiritual wave is The Wave of Wisdom, which bears the principle of knowledge. Not forgiveness for sin, but knowledge as to how not to err! The source of this knowledge is intuition, which bears insight. The human being will not evolve with the opposition of good and evil, but through the idea of evil as unenvolved good!

Consequently in Wisdom there is no fear, miracle and dogmas. For it, faith is knowledge of the unknown, and suffering – a method of evolution. Wisdom is for you to be, and not to have! We have a visible Godhood, which must be freed from polarities.

The Sixth spiritual wave is The Wave of Truth, which manifests the divine in the human being. In it the human being will see immortality as a reality. ‘Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!’ (John 8:32). We have a mastered Godhood, which must awaken the insight of its Third Eye!

The Seventh spiritual wave is The Wave of Freedom, which accomplishes Life. The human being in its evolution still exists, only God lives. Freedom is God-Life! We have a realised Godhood, which has to be a co-Creator with its Father!

The Spiritual waves are degrees of attainment of the God, Who is in us, but He cannot be attained, when He is in Himself Alone. Through God we are realised, through us He is known. The human being is a god in evolution!



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