Оригиналът на български виж ТУК.

A dream of Alexandra Vali, included in the publication
Bright Sparks in the Aura of Bulgaria
Neil Scarth
Photo of Alexsandra Vali by
Assen Bakalov

I dreamt that at my new workplace as a designer I faced a personal battle in the beginning: it was as if there were five things lined up, which I had to get rid of to win the battle and I opted to shoot at the middle one, because it seemed to me that that’s where the ‘head’ was (it looked like the eye of Saruman in the film ‘Lord of the Rings’ – blazing with fire). I shot once with a bow – it died but in it’s place a new one sprang up straight away. I shot a second time – I aimed at the centre, right – and the same thing happened again. Then I decided that I wasn’t going to shoot – I gave up the fight and threw away the bow. And I saw myself side-on: I was like that blazing thing in the middle, but with two ‘eyes’ in the centre. Neither the thing opposite which I was fighting with, nor I myself at the moment when I was already seeing myself from the side, were in human form – just blazing eye like that in ‘Lord of the Rings’. And somehow I had won the battle by giving up. At that point they told me that the trial period for this salary (the amount I’d asked for) was 4 days – it seemed ultra-short to me! – and after that it would be 9000 levs. And I called out to them ‘Wow, who’d’ve thought there could even be such a salary, but you should have said so after I’d got through the trial period and not before, to see whether people were really making an effort :)’ . Something like that.

There was a whole group of us: maybe 6 people, something like a new team of designers. Then we all (the group) set off for the first day of work, sort of, and the boss came out to meet us. But we went as if into some kind of clay quarry – at the suggestion of someone from the group we took a short-cut on some clay steps through a narrow passage (and I envisaged the long way round – it was through greenery and something like a forest, something natural). Here the whole area was light yellow, it was light-coloured clay-both the steps and the passage/walls. On the whole it was a pleasant sensation no matter which path. We came out into a vast open area with buildings. The boss had sat down in the middle of a little square, where we appeared – on а small chair Chronologically, in the dream first came the boss meeting us, then the battle and finally the trial period for a drastic pay-rise.

Commentary and interpretations

Ralie: Wow! What an interesting dream!! That ‘9000’ I interpret as ‘abundance’: 9, the figure of the ripe fruit, the harvest.  The pay is scarcely going to be so much but gradually it’ll happen that it’s effectively as good as that. What I have in mind is the feeling of completeness in terms of the benefits of bringing things to realisation for which there is a constant lack of funds, people, energy… and so they wait and wait

Alexandra: That occurred to me too about ‘abundance’ when I woke up :) That was a disproportionate sum, wasn’t it? You couldn’t imagine asking for a sum like that as a salary. And that thing with the bow for me is like an allusion to things Bulgarian: the weapon of the ancient Bulgarians made with the most advanced craftsmanship.

Ralie: I also think that the battle is connected to things that have to be dealt with and resolved in principle as part of being in control of the world. But this battle is not to be fought by confrontation – what is needed is ennobling from within. Otherwise it can’t be won – the eye of Saruman watches and reigns.

Alexandra: Yahh! And in a way I became the ruler. Doubly even 😉 The eye doubled itself with me :) But not like two ordinary eyes – just double. Non-linear dimensions are complicated to explain 😉

Ralie: When you say ‘double’ that reminds me a bit of the polarity of the world – I mean overcoming polarities, mastering them. Like Horus above the two worlds – the two crowns… Even more so, because the ‘trial period’ is exactly 4 days, that is the Quaternity of the Crucifixion, the battle between the Spirit and material. And that is to be won precisely through elevation and not through denial of the earthly :)

Alexandra: We haven’t explained the 5 things and the 6 people. After all, our actual team of designers should be of two or three. At least that’s what they said to me – that there would be another one or two people, I wouldn’t be alone. And here we were: a whopping great group! Actually, that thing about 5 doesn’t matter that much to me because the other things weren’t important. But maybe it was something about ‘discerning’ – which one exactly you had to ‘bop’ to win. Somehow you can’t just put up your hands and say ‘I’m not going to fight’ right at the start. On the contrary, you have to fight and ‘putting your hands up’ (actually I literally did this in the dream) isn’t until you’ve made out and ‘killed’ one or two. This is putting your hands up not in the sense of giving up or surrendering, but some kind of third type, as if to show I’m no longer armed, I’m putting the bow aside.

Ralie: Not seeing the person opposite you as an enemy :) Did it strike you how being ‘in the middle’ is explicitly connected in both places – that’s like a sign that things depend on leading figures, they’re the ones who have to change in their thinking. It’s with them that there’s a battle. And that’s said clearly in the dream: 5 things, but they come from the ‘head’, LOL :)))

Alexandra: Tee-hee, yes! Hey, aren’t some things clear in hindsight :)
And there’s something else that’s bugging me: it’s fundamental and important that just as the sum is disproportionately large, the time-scale is disproportionately small. Because it could have been 40 days and yet for it to be a mere 4, you know? Maybe it’s something about – things are going to happen really quickly… plus another nuance: the battle, these things stood on the right, in perspective kind of a bit to the side. They weren’t straight opposite me, which leads me to think that it’s not going to be today, but a bit into the future.[1]

Ralie: And it struck me that bit with ‘the small chair’ – like a direct allusion to the old epoch of Ariman, I mean of separation, from my dreams.[2] It also dawns on me that the figures of 5 and 6 fit in with the change of world-view from the 5th to the 6th Race – the new team of designers ‘of the world’, the new group do their thing in the dream, don’t they? And that’s why I even think that your new job is just an occasion for certain things to be said in the form of a dream :)

Alexandra: Yapp!


[1] Right symbolically means future, left means past.
[2] This phrase also stands out in Alexander’s book ‘A childhood without tears’: children from the orphanage and their wee chairs.


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