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JET LI about ‘the art of not fighting’


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“I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.”

“The word wushu is the Chinese word for all forms of traditional Martal arts and it means the ‘Art of not fighting’ – the true meaning behind the real Martal arts.”

“Passion is an element not to be discarded in this business. This, of course, does not apply to just being an actor, but to all professions, to all pursuits. You can master the technical perfections, the little subtleties of the craft, but without the heart – the key is missing.”

“To be a student – not just in wushu, but in all other disciplines as well – one must understand this point: the master opens the door, but it is the disciple who must walk the road. A teacher can initiate you, but individuals have to rely on their own intelligence and diligence. This is why every classroom will produce some great students and some not-so-great students. All of the students are given the same foundation; in order to build upon that base, though, they have to make an effort to awaken their own power of understanding. In doing so, they can figure out how to understand – and then further understand.”

“Martial аrts is a tool that helps to enhance the storyline, to help develop and define the characters, to give the movie that extra edge or its feel. It should never be the other way around. Storyline and characters, in my opinion, should not be compromised to serve martial arts action.”

“In action, just like in music, the basic elements themselves do not change. If you are a musician, you need only be diligent in varying and composing those seven notes to create fresh sounds. Likewise, we who work in film must use ingenuity to arrange that set of physical movements into scenes that have the power to captivate the imagination, as we saw in The Matrix or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The day will never come that action has nothing left to say. Movies like these prove it. Old things perceived from a new angle take on a new flavor. And I say this because… music is still being written! Art is infinitely inexhaustible, if you have the creativity to make it new.

“Everything too fast is not good but everything too slow is also not good. You need balance. That’s why I like Martial arts. It always tells you how to control your body, your mind, your heart. Balance. Balance can keep the world’s peace. I think that’s a very good thing.”

“My film career is only one aspect of my life. Relationships are more important. And I believe that keeping one’s word is one of the most basic principles of human conduct.”



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