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Sit-ups worthy of Guinness!


Материалът на български виж ТУК.

A 50-year-old fireman from Bulgaria, Severin Vassilev, has achieved an impressive feat with continuous sit-ups. On the 29th of May 2016 he completed 1000 sit-ups in a space of 38 minutes, 2 seconds. He passed the 2000 mark at 1 hour 17 minutes and 5 seconds and by exactly the 2 hour mark he had notched up no less than 3000! The stopwatch showed 2:49:55 when he reached 4000. Severin called a halt at 4133 sit-ups in a time of 2:56:16. The great significance of the feat lies in the way in which these sit-ups were done: with the body lying flat on the floor followed by the simultaneous bending of the legs and torso. Without any equipment to aid him or a fixed foothold ! This way is much slower and more difficult than other methods of doing sit-ups.

The level of organisation surrounding the ‘demonstration’ is particularly striking. Assigned to room 509 of the National Sports Academy (NSA) were a doctor and a three-man jury (representatives of the NSA and the Bulgarian Red Cross): they had the job of keeping track of the number of sit-ups and timing them with a stopwatch, also of recording the results on a blackboard. Provided (by the FreeVISION Media team) was a non-stop three hour video recording of the whole process and the presence of friends and loved ones as well as several TV crews during the concluding stage to register the event.

Severin was born in the town of Devin in 1966. He has been involved in sport since his youth, when he did wrestling. For many years he has been a lifeguard and swimming instructor, has trained kids in Kyokushinkai karate and has won medals in national championships. And all of this entirely on a voluntary basis, driven only by his love of sport. He has worked as a fireman for a total of 18 years. He has also long been an active volunteer in the Bulgarian Red Cross, whose members encouraged and assisted him in the realisation of this event. Severin’s main idea and goal is to show how a non-professional sportsperson of a certain age (an age when most active sportsmen have long since passed ‘retirement’ age) can demonstrate the utmost capabilities of the human body without any recourse whatsoever to any medication, substances, stimulants or even dietary supplements, all of which have long since turned professional sport and exercise activities into a competition between the chemical industry and business. It’s this which makes the achievement of this fire-fighter truly impressive and worthy of our heart-felt respect. He had even just completed a sleepless shift on night-duty just before the start of the event.

Severin began with a blood pressure of 120/90 and 15 minutes after the finish he boasted a figure of 90/60. After finishing, he thanked his family and friends for their support and called on young sportspeople not to rely on chemicals, but rather on their will and attitude. ‘Everything is up here,’ said Severin, pointing to his temple. ‘Willpower and spirit, which can conquer all! Long live Bulgaria!’

As to the question of why he stopped precisely at a number ending in 33, Severin answers with a smile: ‘So why do you think it was? The age of Christ, isn’t it? Thanks be to God: I’m content above all that I’m well both physically and mentally.’

Translation: Neil Scarth
Photoes, video and montage: Alexsandra Vali
As musical background used: David Garrett – Innovation, Vivaldi vs Vertigo, Caprice 24 Paganini



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